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It is the time of the year, harvest ready for the collection. I'm interested in especially one sort, Apple.

What we can expect from this years harvest? I would say the first warning! What we actually got? New, more expensive phones with more inches in their display, more pixels in their cameras and more capacity in their batteries. We also got cheaper phones, with reduced features. Bloody creative.

Apple's profile has always been a forerunner, in all of the possible ways, technology, business logic etc. Does this year's crop sound like forerunner. No, it sounds like the first warning of the lost creativity. Did they bury it with Steve Jobs?

When Steven Jobs was CEO Apple was known of the fact that every press conference they organised there came something big and new. Like iPod and iTunes. Like iPad. Like iPhone. Today more battery, more memory and more pixels. Next step is to introduce more cameras in one phone like the competitors. Are the cameras going to be mobile phone's razor edge? Razor company's introduces roughly every other year one new razor edge to their product.

Apple also introduced cheaper mobiles. A little lighter features, less memory, not so good camera and less memory. New colours. A warning number 1 given, which is: no new features, just improvements and budget models. At stage I would think about twice before investing in Apple.

In US they handle patents a bit different way than we do. We think that it is only for protecting your IPRs. In US, its doing that as well but it is also negotiation tool and merchandise. Patents are used to also just fill your bank account if your real business is in a bad condition. Or if your competitors are doing better, try to cash their success. The second warning is that if Apple starts to be active in the court room with patent disputes, case is closed, sooner or later.

If you see warning 1, situation can be corrected. After warning 2, very seldom. Obviously there are also some funny threats where the factories should be located. Anyway, we will see...
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