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I’m good with the numbers although someone might make a different conclusion of the headline. The main reason for this figure is the fact that my head is having overdrive on.

Today we are more or less running in 1.0 mode and everyone is looking of the 2.0 which would save the world. We should have fun at the office, no hard feelings. If you say that your female colleague is a woman, you are sexist. Warning from the management is waiting for you. People will be upset if the colour of the napkin is not correct. Team has selected the colour. Agile software development is been developed for Management 2.0. It roughly means that because the specification work is not so cool, no-one likes to do it. Instead of specifications, everyone is coding for a week and then people are checking what they got. If it is rubbish, you throw it to bin and start again. If you are lucky, one day you might get something ready for real testing. And your problems starts again. Just wonder if they would use same method in construction work. Let build a shopping mall, no, we don’t need any drawings. After a week, everything collapses and you say ok, not so good let try other way. In practise, Management 2.0 is no management.

Maybe I’m old school boy but I think that shared responsibility is no responsibility. Every day at the office is not a fun day, bad things happens and someone needs to clean the mess.

You can say that Management by Perkele was Management 0.5; clear single will and control by fear. Management 1.0 is more or less line organisation where is already feedback links back. Also some matrix-models have been introduced where there are HR aspect is mainly in line organisation and operational is in matrix, based on the defined customer or other process. However, organisation with high quality requirements (for example airlines) are using line organisations where the responsibilities are clear. Management 2.0 will be some kind of no management thing which won’t last long. Some trials will be 3.0 and 4.0 and then we reach 5.0. Funny thing is that Management 5.0 = Management 1.2-1.3. So there are possibilities to save some time and energy.

While running from 2.0 to 4.0 and before we reach 5.0 there is a risk. We loose our skilful managers. It is said that 5% of people are natural managers/leaders and the rest of the people can be trained. Personally I don’t believe the later part of the sentence. Either you have it or you don’t and you can’t buy it. This doesn’t mean that you should burn all of your management theory books. If you are natural manager/leader you will understand that those books have to be read different way than “nothing but truth”, They will challenge your current way to thing and operate and if you are lucky toy will learn something.

This blog was inspired by an article in Helsingin Sanomat on the 25th of November 2018. It was interview of Pekka Järvinen. Unfortunately article is available only in Finnish and it requires subscription. If you manage both, I recommend the article.
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