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Prologue: Old joke pop in my mind. Question: do you have to be stupid to work in company X? Answer: No, but it helps. I have a service called Six Things presented in these pages, but from where the name comes? I’m twisting a bit of things. Hint: is Alice Cooper.

For a clarity reasons, I’m talking about Post, the name history of the company is actually some kind of reflection of its business history. The big picture is similar like any national PTT’s story. Starting from the postal services, added telegram services, then came the fixed line business and the mobile. This Finnish one made an exit from telecom business.

The company (Post) is owned by company named Finland and it is a public company (only God knows why), it is not listed yet and won’t be before it understands what it means to be a real company. It has a small burden because there are some obligations defined in Finnish law which they must take care of. They are not big enough to give right all of the mess what we see. For example, I am receiving mail only 4 days a week. Post is saying the usually the important information comes by some other method. Chicken and egg problem. Did slow post service caused it or did the urgency select other method. On the other hand, Post won’t decide what is important for me and what isn’t. They bloody hell carries the letters. Full stop. Anyway, they will lawn my mow during the summer time. Nice service, very very postal service.

The latest show case is that someone bought them MS-Excel. Software itself is very good and useful. but in wrong hands it is a lethal weapon, even weapon of mass destruction. And what happened? Someone read the (financial) books of Post and noted what are the administration salaries and divided by the head count average price is X€/month. The average salary in Estonia is Z€/month so we will save at least 20% (just an example figure) in salary costs. So lets start the move… But moving costs are something, salaries are raising all of the time in Estonia, there will come costs because of cultural issues, we are not 100% compatible. History and the development of administration in both countries are different. This project is doomed.

Why they are in this situation? My guess is that there are some kind of mental blockage which prevents to think out of the box. There are some basic stuff, like business management is not rocket science. There are very small changes happened since industrialisation started. If you can answer to the questions listed in Six Things you are is a better position, if you can’t answer, Alice Cooper is your man. Due to the size of the company even wider strategy work is required starting from Megatrends. Megatrends are the killers, one can find new email from there. Megatrends are also possibilities, if they are recognised early enough, one can be prepared for them.

Leaving strategy alone for a long period is a killer application, one can say suicide application.

Epilogue: My first job after the graduation was PTT of Finland (Post and Telecommunications). See the attachment of this blog.
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