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Bogeyman goes countryside. Like every bloody Finn during the Midsummer. It is also on of the Finnish National Boozing days, so the mission of the trip is clear. This time Bogeyman goes only virtually and dreams about EU.

Like every city boy, I’m concerned how much of the EU budget goes to subsidising the agricultural business. Is it really a business because of the extra money pumped into it? Lassies and lads who have never visited a farm has a very strong opinion about EU support. How wrong, too much money involved in etc. It stinks!

Or does it? There is always a but and the other part of the story. I have always wondered why the other part of the story is not mentioned very of often. There are shitloads of organisations who are lobbing the EU and they should make this story visible, not Bogeyman.

Basic assumption is that the farming should be a business and farmer should have decent living of it. Then we can raise the core question: how much you would pay from 1 kg potatoes and 1 kg good beef? Is 2€ for the potatoes and 25€ for a beef a good price? Especially if they are produced near by, at least in the same country where you are. Well, you can get products with the mentioned price. When you keep in your mind the basic assumption you can wonder how much they would cost without EU support. Same price you would get products produced far a away subsidised by someone and produced good knows how. In Finland we have also an other parameter, we want to be independent in food production as a preparation for international crisis.

The dark side of the support policy is that you can do it three different ways, good way, bad way and straight from the a… Good example of the last one is US support for corn farmers. If you look what industrial food product contains, there is always corn in a way or an other. I think even American cars contains corn, this because of the support coming from the usage of the corn.

The Finnish dark side is our grocery markets duopoly which sucks partially its’ vitality from the EU support. Basically they define what is a good price for food today, pays something for the producers and EU keeps the farmers alive. Funny thing was that I tried to find out how my money is distributed to the agricultural value chain when I’m buying a 1 kg potatoes. And the result was… Nothing. Didn’t find a thing. What is the big secret there. Am I missing something?

This was just a small scratch to the cover, wonder what you find if you dig deeper.

Today, due to the dry conditions out there the use of open fire is forbidden. Fire is a big part of the Finnish Midsummer celebration so the party is only partial. Still I will say Fire, walk with me. Discussion opened.
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