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During the year I’ve visited two events of the social media, Facebook and Google. I noted some things which means that at least part of the time I was awake, good result for old lad like me.

There are also ongoing a lots of discussion about the social media, its role, how it affects to the general opinion, elections etc. The fact is, social media is here, it won’t go away, live with it like it or not. In US there are also discussion that Facebook and Google are too dominant and they should be divided to the smaller parts according to the antitrust laws. I think last time it happened to AT&T.

Facebook is like 4 year old kid given Magnum .44. Big gun and really no real understanding what to do with it. Money is coming in, shitloads. But the business case is collapsing, little by little. Desperate actions will happen, like selling the user data to Cambridge Analytica.
The problem with Facebook’s business case is that the most potential advertisers, SMEs don’t see it as a good place anymore. Luckily (for Facebook) Instagram is more interesting. Where Facebook is good/useful? It is a good communication channel for associations, student groups etc. but where is the money? That is the problem. Generally the users are leaving the service and it is dying, slowly. If you look Facebook as a company, it isn’t one. It is a bloody kindergarden, just take the bullets (too detailed personal data) out of the gun and the problem is solved. It will die anyway.

Google is more complex case. It is everywhere and it is almost everything. It knows you, almost better that you. Almost like Big Brother (Orwell, not stupid TV-show). Knowing you is their business case. Again, targetted ads. On the other hand, they give back. Loads of good applications, nice services, O/S you name it. As a company, they are quite responsible, for example thinking of environment, using renewable energy etc.
They are quite dominant today and my guess (wild one) that their long term vision is that the software world will be Google world. At least they have potential tools for that. The challenge with Google is that if you divide it, are the parts healthy enough for the business, one can loose a lots of good thing when using an axe.

As a prologue, I’m using Facebook, today less and less but my Google usage is growing all of the time.
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