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Or at least a lousy manager. It is a pity that so old and traditional company dies because of bad management. Obviously someone will buy the company name because of its brand value so Thomas Cook name will stay.

What happened? Basic stuff, bad management happened. The world has tendency to change, continuously. In the business management those changes or drivers to the changes are called megatrends. Megatrends are something which no-one controls, they just happens. Good management follows them and and adjusts the strategy accordingly. Bad management ignores them and takes more loan to cover the operating costs. Megatrends needs to be followed all of the time and strategy needs to be updated accordingly at least once a year. No change is an update if nothing is required. And now the big warning: Bad management can kill your company!

Obviously the root cause is what internet has enabled. Similar things has happened and will happen elsewhere. Like hotel business and traveling generally. So what is the fuzz around Thomas Cook? One reason is a big and famous corpse. It also touched many consumers and generated big headlines and big operations to return the travelers back to UK and other places. All of the reporters who can walk, talk or write were at the closest airport interviewing people there, some of them were even touched this event. Of course it is a small tragedy for the traveler but it is not the end of the world. Our new would be quite boring if we would see such amount of new every bad business management situation.

The base phenomena is nothing new, business world changes all of the time and it will continue to do so. Forever is my guess. B2C market is something what you see on papers and telly but it happens also in B2B. My guess is that the next B2B major change is going to happen in the area of bookkeeping. We will see.
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