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The latest adventures are again stuff what I have mentioned why I’m good consultant; I’ve done or seen every mistake what you can do in the business world. I was wrong. Now I have seen them.

How story goes? Current situation, executive summary:
Letter traffic goes down, packet traffic up. Governmental postal services are tuned for letters, however they have noted that the change is happening/ongoing and they are reacting to that. Unions are tuned to 1960’s and they don’t move. Also the management of Post has done all of the stupidities what you can do when shit hits the fan and the times are the ride is bumpy. For example, cheese slide strategy in cost cutting looks nice in excel but in reality it will change to be a permanent mode and it will harm more than help.

The escalation manifesto is now the 700 employees which are moved to Post’s new daughter company which handles packet traffic. At the same time their Union and the terms of their contracts weakens. This is the red alert for the Union. Obviously there are question which union members are these 700 people and it causes a glitch between the different Unions.
To make the situation “easier” our Prime Minister (old Union fart) has dug up from somewhere 4 persons (old Union farts also) to save the day. F… me.

Normally these type of issues are solved in the business world as following:
- ask owners the profit requirements
- take your excel and your best guestimates of the future and calculate
- clean the overcapacity of your machine, have a YT-party (lay-offs)
- keep your machine as happy as you can because your future is there
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