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The growth can be painful, if youth you can remember your youth, both physical and mental paint was available. Same thing with the business. In start-up the 1st point is to change from the mode of start-up to be a normal company. In that point you can easily loose the good points of start-up, the burning drive. In my experience the next pain spot is when company reaches around 1M€ revenue. Typically next one is around 20M€. The big one is the 60M€ milestone, or to be more unclear, around 50-70M€. Many companies have got stuck to that figure and actually they are 4sale. These are not the only ones. They will continue, especially when the time goes by, different issues will raise, the growth is not the only one,

To cut long story short, growth creates questions starting with “How”, more like process type of issues. Years are generating questions starting with “What and “Why”, challenging your business case.

The question is how to solve the issues raised. It is mainly question about the management and how it empowers the whole organisation. It is obvious, that manager him/herself isn’t the solution, he or she is the core part or enabler of the solution. One has to understand that it is not necessary one person who drives the company from 0 to 100M€. The next challenge is to drive the company over 10 year milestone and further. The pain won’t leave you, that I can guarantee.
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