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Who and how is the question.

There are occasionally books laying around my my night table. Recently there have been books about the management. One recent was Matti Alahuhta’s (former Nokia and Kone man) book. Basically I can sign off his principles quite easily but the headline of this blog was the one which generated thoughts. Dangerous. Thoughts are.

Company culture is a quite simple in the beginning, one man, Toyota Hiace a and the expertise of his area. Values has grown organically. Even if the 1st employee have been hired situation is under control. Everything (from the value/culture point of view) stays quite simple when you have only one location. Values will travel to the different sites with owner and other management , so no problem.

The size of the company challenges the company values and the culture. Especially when it grows fast and/or internationally. Same natural and organic function is not anymore dominant. The danger there is that if we are successful in our our culture and values it is a big asset from the brand point of view, it is very unique, no-one can copy it, it is a Unique Selling Point, something what we want to achieve with our strategy. This is the main reason why I don’t like the idea that someone predefines the values and the company. How ever, if the company is really big, you have to do it. Maybe the difference between the company values/culture and corporate values/culture is that the other one is organic and the other one is defined.
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