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Before Corona we had a normal. How wonderful it was, we could use airplane, go to bars and restaurants, hug random people and even go to work, office (what ever that is). Now we have a new normal , hopefully temporary one with all of the Corona rules; no restaurants, schools closed etc. The Corona normal is also stay-at-home families, video meetings very limited movement outside home. Public transportation, especially flights are almost closed. Streets are empty. Oil markets has gone bonkers like me.

When we'll get rid of the Corona what is our new normal? Human being is a funny animal, especially how it reacts to the changes or how it don’t do that. There is a point for the change when it happens. In Finland we’ve been under tighter Corona rules about six+ weeks and in my opinion the change boarder have been crossed. Before the border, everything would have gone back to previous like nothing had happened.

What this means in practice? It means that some of the megatrends has to be rewritten. The big change is going to be how, where and when we move. We have learned remote working very quickly. This means less traffic jams and Helsinki can stuck their plan for congestion charges somewhere into the dark place. This part of the story is bad for oil industry, the oil consumption will go down which are going to generate problems to some nations, like in Middle-East countries (Saudi-Arabia) and Russia. Their economies are seriously dependent of oil and its price. Weakening Russia can cause troubles in the world’s stability and it is a worrying possibility. However, Mother Nature thanks, greenhouse effect will slow down.

Tourism is a one industry which will get a major hit. Places like Paris France will loose a lots of tourist money. Venice will suffer as well, but the good point is that erosion generated by mass tourism will disappear and maybe Italians have time to save the place.

The change is a positive thing, it makes us evolve. That is a good part of humans, we can do it quickly. Our environment has to or is going to change. For example, Corona gave us some more time to develop new technologies for green energy production. Situation showed (again) the weakness in our medical business. It is too slow for the emergency situations. The big question there is that medical business is dominated by few big companies. Are the rules developed to protect their business or secure human life and avoid risky beta testing with people. Let shake the industry. Seriously.

Although the situation is pain in the a..e, it was just a middle size warning where we can end up. What kind of catastrophes can happen. Even us, human beans can generate worse stuff. However, it is nothing compared what can happen when Mother Nature goes bananas. We can’t be prepared 100% for everything, our imagination is not good enough and/or we don’t have enough money for it. Corona proved that point.

Not all negative, this is a huge possibility but we have to rethink our world again, it is not the same than 3 months ago. Sharpen your pen and back to the drawing board!

The headline was stolen from one Finnish scientist, Esko Valtaoja who stole it from R.E.M. (abbreviation of “It’s the end of the world as we know it”).
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