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Interesting formula: capabilities of the nation times time is a constant. In this story nation don’t mean people surrounded by the lines called boarders, drawn by humans. Something more natural.

What this means? It means that during its history nation can develop it up to certain level from the starting point. We have started our trip from Africa around 300 000 years ago:
• Africa, especially Egypt and Middle-East created lots of great things in arts, architecture and technical inventions during few thousands BC times. Today they are throwing stones and trying to kill each other
• In the northern side of the Mediterranean were great around year 0, today they are mainly concentrating to survive of the bank crises and collapsing bridges
• The great times in France, Germany and Great Britain were somewhere around 1500BC Germany a bit later. Big inventions, society development, arts etc. Today France is still focusing to cheeses (which are great), wine and strikes. Average German is surprised that someone can pay by using plastics (credit card) and Great Britain just waiting for the results of next football game and celebrity gossips
• Today, turn your eyes to Nordics. People has lived here only around 15000+ years so there is time
• US is interesting: they moved out from the Europe and the development went differently. They had in the beginning survive period. They didn’t have time to arts or anything just for fun. That separated their values from Europe. From our point view, it created a strange attitude to money, making of money and hand guns. But still. The greediness still drives new stuff.

A bit simplified but so true? And where we will go?
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