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I red a book. Yes, I can read. Even write. It was a funny book. So funny that I almost started to cry. It was written by C. Northcote Parkinson and its name was THE LAW or Still In Pursuit. This edition was published 1979 and original version in 1957.

The 1st drop came out when I noticed the years. The moral of the story in book was that the amount of civil servants has nothing to do with the work needed to be done. The 1st law of Parkinson goes something like this: The required work uses all of the resources and time available. No matter about the amount of resources and time there are. To prove his point, Mr. Parkinson gives some statistics of British admiralty.
Year 1938 1958 1967
Ships in use 308 238 114
Ships officers and crew 89500 94900 83900
Dock’s workers 39022 40164 37798
Dock’s office 4423 6219 8013
Admiralty 11270 32237 33574

Nice figures. Couldn’t happen today. Or could it?

There is a place called EU and episode called #brexit. Basically 66.7M people of 510M people are leaving it. In budget figure it means 75B€ for next 7 years (budgeting period is a joke, tells only about the decision making capabilities of EU). After the #brexit what is the big discussion? How to replace British MEPs and civil servants. And obviously the budget hole. The politician answer for the lost MEPs is all of the members gets more seats. The correct answer is to forget those 73 seats. Forget the British civil servant seats in EU. If there are British people in important positions/functions, re-organise. No special treatment for Britain in customs negotiations. So at least the part of budget issues are solved, rest of it is cutting and the raise of EU payments. It is a simple re-organisation and excel operation. Nothing else.

It would be a total chaos if the business world would operate like this. For example. Nokia sold its mobile phones to Microsoft in 2013. 25000 people moved from Nokia to Microsoft. Following the previous logic, Nokia should have recruit 25000 people for replacement. Sounds logical.

Bloody hell….
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