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We all know what the seven deadly sins are, some of us has tasted one or more of them. The question is that are they bad for business? Decide yourself!

The Greed. This on is bad one. Most likely the worst psychological feature we have. It is partially naturally built-in and partially developed the values what we receive and how we understand them (says kitchen shrink Bogeyman).

From the business world some examples. One of my favorite, music business. They almost killed their business because of the greed pricing strategy. Business moved from vinyl to c-cassette to CD. Distribution media prices went down but the consumer prices went up which created piracy, high prices and COGS (cost of goods sold) had a big enough gap to pirates to operate. Music industry trusts that their dominant position in the value chain will remain. Sorry no, days are over soon. Unfortunately the suffering party is the IPR owners, musicians. Similar type of phenomena seems to happen with Amazon. They are hunting down their partners/subcontractors like “the cheetah hunts the wounded gazelle”. Wall Street is interesting place. It seems to have a group of people who creates complicated financial instruments where no-one can loose, but every one does and the consequence is world wide collapse of the economy. Very often is mentioned (in Finland) that law for LTDs says (Chapter 1, 5§) that the purpose to the company is to make profits to the shareholders unless something else is stated in company statuses. It don’t say all of the legal and illegal means are acceptable. Don’t forget your/company’s Mission.

The extreme example of human greediness is the war. After the world war 2 the root cause of every war has been money, in practice oil, minerals etc. The result is always ugly, victims are always the weakest ones.

However, I think there are some positive signs floating around. Our generation is lost, more or less I would say but the next ones, X, Y or Z (who knows those alphabets) are clearly showing value shifting to the correct direction. Ethics seems to raise up its nose. Eventually, consumption is not the thing anymore which more or less means that one can recycle. Maybe these generations will approach to the development with different attitude and we will see more sustainable solutions in the future.

We are currently in global crises, Covid-19 is our issue. Maybe it is lesson #1. How we can work together because this one can’t be solved by the one nation, team work is required. I hope that this battle will prepare us for the big one, Global Warming. That is definitely a joint venture war where big part of the battle setup is the greed. Who uses and/or produces coil, oil and some other nonrenewable energy. This war will change everything starting from basic industry. Solutions, at least partial ones are on their way but most likely not fast enough. We are quite far away from the the final solutions and we are still having problems which are preventing us to even start the war. One of them is the Greed.

P.S. We (Finnish people) are having a secret weapon. When English peoples’ generations are ending to X, Y and Z we are still have three more Ä, Å and Ö. Jealous?
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