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Everyone hates people walking like zombies on the streets. Their eyes are focused to their hands. On their hands is located a gizmo called smartphone. Hardly anything can distract them. They are social. Are you?

The other side of the coin is that there can be also useful applications, kind of “socially approved”, bus and train route information, even tickets can be bought there and many more. Especially banking application are quite good and useful. Today the Covid-19 tracking is a hot issue. On top of that there are business application like CRMs which belongs to “approved-group”. Cutting long story to short, smartphones today are a big part of our day-to-day operations, it is The Gizmo. It is difficult to understand how we survived without smart phones, only voice calls and SMS available, scary.

Some time ago I dropped my smartphone. I manage to broke the glass and it looked bad but it was working. Obviously it is Nokia and they have a reputation to take hits (not a sponsored message. Yet. Hoping to get one.) Suddenly it decided to discontinue co-operation with me and I was without smartphone, at gates of hell. I had to operate smartly. I took my good and old, but reliable (obviously Nokia, still no sponsors) stupid phone (non smart one) and started to call service companies. Key question was do they have a spare part and capacity to do the fix immediately. Found one, but it meant bus trip (with one change) to the jungle, Vantaa. Then I went and left the 1st bus at wrong stop, waited next one to go to the correct bus stop and forgot the next route. I had to call to my son so that he could check my next bus route. Eventually I ended up to the service company. Two hours wait and my smartphone was good as new. One of the most annoying 3,5 hours of my life.

What is the moral of the story if any. That bleeding gizmo is more and more dominant in our lives. Should we do something? Can we do something?
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