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We all know what the seven deadly sins are, some of us has tasted one or more of them. The question is that are they bad for business? Decide yourself!

We all know or at least have heard about the success stories in business. Good examples are Nokia and Angry Birds. Unfortunately it is very seldom question about the genius on board, usually it is a question pure damn luck. Right time, right place and right product. This is OK if we understand it, if not the pride come to the picture, or more like yellow liquid raises into our heads. This means too often word no to the customer. “We don’t do this anymore”, “we are focusing to the different markets” or “we are concentrating to different type of customers”. Especially bad if the potential customers opens the discussion. This is a list of the famous last words.

With one lucky hit you can live quite long but that means hard and systematic work. Obviously part of that hard work is correct attitude, especially towards your customers. One part of the sunset of Nokia Mobile Phones was pride, not listening the customers and markets. Angry Bird is in a such business that they need urgently a lucky shot, second one.

Success definition:
- one success, you lucky bastard
- second success, bloody good copy machine
- third one, there could be genius onboard

Think about this without attitude and avoid the yellow liquid!
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