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One day me and the lad who use to live here decided to make a dinner. We got receipt from American cookbook and it looked good. The 1st row was a one third of a cup and 2 table spoons of oil. Eep! I have only coffee and tea cups. Which one? I have a coffee spoon and bigger one for porridge and soup. Which one? This one we needed to study thoroughly. With Google and Excel one can solve almost everything and we are not afraid maths, during my studies maths was important and the lad is reading in his studies so high level maths that shorter guy feel dizzy.

We started our Google- and Excel machines and the results are:
- pint 0,473l (gallon is 231 cubic inches, 16 liquid ounces)
- tablespoon 14,8ml (half liquid ounces)
- pint 0,568l 1/8 gallons
- tablespoon 15ml
- tablespoon 20ml
- pint is imperial one (British)

F… me like Gordon Ramsay would have said. We ordered a pizza. By the way, do you know how much is a third cup and two tablespoons? One bleeding decilitre.
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