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t is a figure, they say. Especially the ones who tries to smoothen the hit. I say bollocks. It is a milestone in your story. A milestone which gives you a raw indication of the path to the final spot.

Almost all of the rockstars from my youth who have been able to pass 27 year milestone are now more or less 6 feet under. That is a bad sign, I don’t live forever. One my former colleague said that it is strange to have new colleagues who are younger than her own son. Sorry, maybe it is time to start your own business to avoid these type of issues. So the (sad?) fact is that we are getting older.

Like my pal Albert once said, time is not a constant. For us, timeline can be a constant. This means that the period, roughly between 20 to 30 (or bit earlier) defines us (says kitchen shrink Bogeyman). It means, we have a risk to loose touch to the new stuff and we are stuck into our own history. The real challenge for us is not that we are getting old. Yes, that can mean some mechanical problems but today you get spare parts almost for everything. The challenge is that how to release our own mind from the period in our own history. Shake that ghost and you are free to use your full capacity.

But, there is always a but. This time it is called age racism. When you are closing your 50’s or even earlier the society lets you know your readiness for the grave. On the other hand, there are issues which won’t change in a drastic way. What is the characteristic of a person which will recognise the issues occur again. Simply, it is called experience. Experience means #nohassle .

I have seen that the value of the experience is raising, little by little. Maybe there have raised general acceptance of a result of a simple calculation, no-one under 25 can’t have 30 years experience. Of anything. You actually have to spend those 30 years. Looking forward to see how the things develops.

Life is beautiful, especially if and when you are alive. But are you? Am I?
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