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Sorry Judas Priest, headline kind of stolen and modified.

I’m strange. I love factories, especially the places when men and women shows to steel who is the boss. The smell of processed steel is cool. This really creates GDP. More you process the steel, more GDP you got. My history of generating GDP was in Telecomms, worrying of the bits’ position, transfer and correctness. Not so heavy duty but it paid the bills.

There is a warning flag. One serious Megatrend seems to push everything to the point where one thing is done is a one place. For example, parts of the bicycle are done in Taiwan. Majority of electronics and toys comes from China. One glitch in Suez channel and the world is a total mess. Locally this Megatrend is shown in town planning. No space for the industry, only houses and flats bringing in happy taxpayers for the cities. In Helsinki this phenomena is seen as a pushing industry outside of the city. One historical airport and the small industry around it has been closed down or transferred out.

I don’t want to get rid our of the factories, I want to smell the burning steel. There are three aspects around this. 1st one is that if we bet wrong horse in the industrial derby, we have a backup plan(s). The 2nd aspect is national emergency supply and how we have prepared for it. COVID-19 showed that although we have done much more that the other countries, there are still a lot to do, but it can be done if we don’t loose the skills what are still having. The 3rd aspect is that very seldom public servant or politician will grow the GDP. Obviously keeping everything is a challenge, but it should be manageable.

We often forget that the industry is also part of our history. It tells one part of the Nation’s history. We have lots of towns what you can’t imagine without red tile buildings in the centre of the city. Do we want to loose them? We have towns or villages which have grown around the factory. All of these are quite beautiful and picturesque places and we don’t want to loose them. The question is only can the past and the future live together? That is a civilised way forward.
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