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We all know what the seven deadly sins are, some of us has tasted one or more of them. The question is that are they bad for business? Decide yourself!

In mid-90’s I started to work with Finnish company which was doing products to international telecomms sector (not Nokia). I started as a project engineer with one other guy. At the 1st day suddenly CEO walked in and introduced himself. We were discussing this, that and some other important issues when he asked from us: Lads, do you know what is the project engineer’s rule number one? We didn’t. He said: Don’t go to bed with customer’s wife. OK, WTF. At the end of the day, not a bad advice. I have taken this advice to so far that I’ll stay away even from customers bed. Especially nowadays the sex-combinations can be so confusing that this rule makes your life easier. Control your lust.

On the other hand, is there a reason why this rule was introduced? Makes one curious.
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