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Today’s word in Finland is platform economy due to the big sold of Wolt. The price went to skyhigh, 7B$. The price is obviously virtual until some takes money out from stock exchange but still.

From Wikipedia:
The platform economy is economic and social activity facilitated by platforms. Such platforms are typically online sales or technology frameworks. By far the most common type are "transaction platforms", also known as "digital matchmakers". Examples of transaction platforms include Amazon, Airbnb, Uber, and Baidu. A second type is the "innovation platform", which provides a common technology framework upon which others can build, such as the many independent developers who work on Microsoft's platform.

In this special case, what was sold? Access to the European markets, maybe also other areas. DoorDash is operating mainly in USA and it wants to go international and Wolt is going to have role in that. Obviously price is having an element of future potential which is very often used when in the valuation of a startup. I won’t mention that the both companies are making loses. It is normal stuff in startup world.

Some risks are included to the business case. What says regulator. Currently in Finland there is a debate ongoing with regulator that is the delivery chain employees or are they entrepreneurs? And trade unions haven’t open their game yet.

The second one is a risk from the company point of view but in fact is that we are talking about an evolution case of the business. Currently there are not so many players in the field which means that there are no competition from companies, not enough players. They are controlling the delivery chain, not the entrepreneurs in it. They can’t choose if one company offers bad deals. Anyway, this is going to be fixed when time goes and more players will come to the markets.

Is this the way to the future? Maybe.

P.S. Joke in the headline opens only to Finnish speaking. Sorry.
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