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For an one reason or an other the governmental part of Russia seems to have an inferiority complex of their superpower position in the world. They think that they are not felt as a superpower although they have enough hardware to destroy the world.

One view to the situation is to study the economical aspect of the situation. If you want to boycott Russian products in your local store, what will be left there. Nothing. The Russian richness is based on the Lucky-Bastard strategy, hit your hack to the ground and you will find oil, gold or something else valuable mineral. Country is having talents and skills and the education is good. But the given economical direction favours the usage of natural resources. That is the reason why industry doesn’t develop, except arms industry. Then one gives an “eternal” power to the little man and he will will take a big gun and goes visit the smaller neighbour and asks do you respect me, do you love me and do you want be my best friend. The last drop of respect will vanish to the air.

Situation can’t be solved by external forces, the damages would be too big and the consensus would be too difficult to reach.. Solution has to be internal, done by Russians. It is said that the people will get such leaders what they have earned. I can’t believe that this is the case with Russians. No it is time to do something…
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