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Money talks, bullshit walks. Yes, there are bloody war ongoing in Ukraine but he real action is where the money is. Some figures for basis of the story. Why figures? Because the reasoning behind the war is usually financial, it can be some kind of asset like oil. In this case the reason seems to be something else, Motherland Russia and/or small man’s inferiority complex. But the solution starts from the financial war, hopefully it will end it. Hardware in the battle field gives time to financial solution and helps the target country, but it is not the final solution.

Now will follow some GDP based analysis of the situation. The base figures are from 2017 but tell the ball park where we are playing. The GDP of the whole word in 2017 was roughly 84.500 USD. The figures are in USD.

Blue block:
USA (20513 BUSD), EU (18789 BUSD) and Japan (4872BUSD) Total 44152BUSD
Grey block:
China (13457BUSD), India, Brazil, Turkey Total 18918BUSD
Red Block:
Russia (1530BUSD), Hungary, Belarus Total 1723BUSD

This table shows the name of the game. USA and EU are together almost half of the total economy of the world. Russia, Hungary and Belarus is Mickey Mouse stuff. Even if the Brazil and India joins to that group. There are some meaningless African economies which are supporting Russia, but they re meaningless. Turkey is a bit wild card, but still not big enough to mean something.

Big question mark is China. They have two main interests in Russia: obviously the natural resources of Russia and possibility to buy Russia. There are lots of leftovers from western companies which could be available and they could conquer Russia that way, clean and no blood. But they have to choose their side. A.S.A.P.

If you add more required parameters to the picture. Like how you do the business. Here is simplified value chain for the business: (see attachment)

Usually the biggest innovations, especially high technology comes from the blue block. Especially commercial ones. Russia is buyer and China copy machine. Same thing with design. Only thing which in this are comes from Russia is military products. But they are using western components. What that might mean? Russia is the mining area. Manufacturing is China’s bread and butter, but the high technology manufacturing is based on western technology and licences.

There are battles and there are wars. For me it is quite clear who will win the war.
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